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Why Washington Insiders Are Suddenly Turning Bullish on Marijuana

John Boehner is going to bat for marijuana.

You read that right. Boehner, the former Speaker of the House, supports marijuana legalization.

But it wasn’t always like this. Nine years ago, Boehner said he was “unalterably opposed” to legal marijuana. Today, he feels much differently. Here’s what he said in a recent interview:

I found myself like a lot of Americans over the last 10 years or so, beginning to look at this issue a little differently.

Boehner is right. A recent survey found that 64% of Americans support marijuana legalization. That’s an all-time high—up from 12% in 1969.

Boehner also thinks legal marijuana could help combat America’s opioid crisis:

I decided to get involved because of the struggles of our country’s veterans and the opioid epidemic, after learning how descheduling the drug can potentially help with both crises.

But here’s the thing. Boehner didn’t just change his mind about marijuana…

He joined the marijuana industry…

Two weeks ago, Boehner announced that he’s joining the advisory board of Acreage Holdings.

Acreage Holdings is a major U.S. marijuana company. It grows, processes, and sells cannabis in 11 states. It holds 35 different business licenses.

Boehner made the leap after having a conversation with the company’s founder.

When I began to sit down Kevin Murphy, the founder of Acreage Holdings. I began to learn more. And I had conversations with my friends, and I found myself in a position where I thought I could lend my voice to this discussion about the medical use of marijuana.

Boehner will help Acreage navigate the industry’s murky legal and political waters. He’ll help them work with local governments. And he’ll help identify states with the best business opportunities.

And get this…

Boehner isn’t the only Washington insider on Acreage’s payroll…

William Weld just announced that he’ll also be an advisor to Acreage.

Weld is the former governor of Massachusetts, and a longtime marijuana advocate. He’s supported legal marijuana since 1992.

Weld joined Acreage because he thinks marijuana could help fight the opioid crisis.

Cannabis could be perceived as an exit drug, not a gateway drug.

Weld also thinks marijuana legalization should be left up to the states, not the federal government.

If some states don’t want marijuana to be legal, that’s their prerogative. But that shouldn’t be dictated by the nanny state in Washington.

Now, I understand that some people don’t agree with marijuana legalization. They think marijuana’s dangerous, and that it should remain illegal at all levels.

But I didn’t write this essay to debate marijuana legalization. I wrote it because Boehner’s decision to join Acreage is a game changer.

And mark my words…

Boehner won’t be the last high-profile politician to join the marijuana industry…

Many other Washington insiders will follow in his footsteps. They’ll do so because they’re realizing that they can’t win the War on Marijuana. They also understand that there’s big money on the line, and politicians love to line their pockets as much as the next guy.

This is why I guarantee that more politicians will stop fighting marijuana and join the industry.

That will pave the way for nationwide legalization. I believe that’s great for the country. It means Americans will have more say about what goes into their bodies.

Marijuana legalization is great news. I’ve been telling readers to buy marijuana stocks since last summer.

I even helped Nick Giambruno handpick five marijuana stocks for his advisory, Crisis Investing. Each one of those stocks is now up at least 60%. Three of them more than doubled in value, and one has more than tripled.

Those are huge gains. But don’t worry if you haven’t bought pot stocks yet.

There’s still time to get rich off marijuana legalization…

To see why, look at this chart. It shows the performance of the Bloomberg Intelligence Global Cannabis Competitive Peers Index over the past year.

Bloomberg Intelligence Cannabis Competitive Peers Index chart

You can see that pot stocks had a massive run last fall. The average marijuana stock soared 247% from September 2017 to January 2018.

Then, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions basically said he was going to crack down on the industry. This triggered a huge sell-off. But it didn’t scare us away.

You see, Sessions may hate marijuana. But he can’t kill the marijuana industry. There’s simply too much money and too much tax revenue on the line.

Plus, Trump would throw Sessions out on the street before he let him crack down on the industry. This is because Trump, like Weld, believes marijuana should be a state issue.

So don’t let Sessions scare you away from this incredible opportunity. Instead, consider using the recent selloff as a chance to buy marijuana stocks before the next major rally gets underway.

Just remember to treat any marijuana stock as a speculation. Don’t bet more money than you can afford to lose. Use stop losses. And take profits when you can get them.


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